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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Becoming someone I dislike.......

may be something more real than I expected. It all began with my obsessive toy collecting hobby.

There is always something that is limited to the masses and to make matters worst, there are those unscrupulous merchants or other wise commonly known as Scalpers( )in the toy collecting community. What these people do is they will be the first to swipe every single item off the shelves. Then, the next moment, those things will be on sale either in their shops or online auction at ridiculous prices.

But today, I became a Scalper myself. I finally got my hands on the toy you see above (Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus) and I decided I should buy two instead and sell it on yahoo to make some quick buck since this item is so HOT and the demand is so strong.

Well, guess that's what alteregoism is about. A hidden side just waiting to emerge.

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