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Monday, July 27, 2015

Woah....100, 000 views already??

Thanks to those who visited my blog and made this milestone possible. I had wanted to name the blog Alteregoistic but someone already used that and I had to settle with Alteregoistical but hey, what's in a name right?

Thank you and Thank you!!

Hot Toys Mark XLI Bones ... ...

is yet another suit from the House Party Protocol. To me, this is like a half-baked XLII, however, the cool factor of Bones is super Hot!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Masterpiece Star Saber MP-24 ... ...

I once I said Rodimus Prime is the last Masterpiece I will ever get since Takara Tomy decided to produce this once pristine line with cheap ABS. However, taken the fact that I've been sold by the so many old school MPs that came along the way, I have to eat my words.

The fact is also that Rodimus could just be a one-off flop by Takara Tomy. However, Star Saber isn't all perfect too.

Happy Father's Day ... ...

 To all the cool collector dads out there, Happy Father's Day!!

Pleasantly surprised by my son this morning with a card from him and this year, it came with something I normally buy for him.

I'm touched and blessed to have my son who understands me. No wonder he kept asking me if I've ordered Hot Toys's Ultron and Iron Legion.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Medicom MAFEX The Dark Knight and Batpod ... ...

I think I qualify to be a true blue Dark Knight fan given that this being my (lost count) Batman figure from the Chris Nolan's rendition of Batman (Christian Bale) and my 4th Batpod.

I knew I wanted this set the moment I saw it out for pre-order.

Monday, June 15, 2015

King Arts Display Stand ... ...

Watch out Hot Toys, a new contender has arrived and they too want a piece of the Iron Man pie. I have ordered the 1/9th scale Mark XLII and to complement it, the display stand.

The display stand arrived first without Mark XLII and so I used it on a 1/6th scale Falcon earlier and it worked just fine.

Hot Toys - Falcon from The Winter Soldier ... ...

Falcon, from the movie Captain America - The Winter Soldier wasn't my top choice of must get but I eventually did get it. This is indeed amazing!