Sunday, July 20, 2014

ACI Greek Hoplite ... ...

This somehow has an effect on me that I decided to get my very first ancient warrior, the Greek Hoplite by ACI toys. I have seen many of ancient warriors or soldiers figures around by ACI and never had I felt so compelling to put my money down for this guy.

As mentioned that my knowledge on this category is limited other than the occasion movie screening of movies like "300", here's where I pick up more information on a Hoplite.

Ace Toys Wayne Enterprises CEO, Lucius Fox ... ...

or at least that's what it seems to be to the rest of the world. Ace Toys has taken upon themselves to make the 1/6 scale Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman, from Chris Nolan's take on Batman.

The figure is less than satisfying due to the fact the head sculpt is slightly off (face should have been longer) as compared to the promotional pictures and the plastic cane is slightly warped as well due to the packaging. It was placed with the figure and not individually slotted between the foam.

Monday, July 7, 2014

3R Stathom ... ...

After the USSOCOM Post.. Jason takes a rest on a DIY 1/6 scale "Saving Gaia" sofa. There are really many useful things around; one man's trash is another man's treasure.

This is actually my signature pose whenever I'm at home... 

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

USSOCOM is So Very Hot ... ...

I really need to stop buying 12' military figures but can they stop making such good stuff!!

I find this hard to resist because I don't have any soldier in a diver suit and Very Hot did a great job in publicizing this fellow with good promo pics.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red Snapper (Mark XXXV) Strikes a Power Pose ... ...

This product is interesting as it gets exciting only when you have it in your hands and after one or two diecast suits, you appreciate the good old plastic with a great glossy crimson paint job.

The decision to make this a Power Pose Series (PPS) figure is quite rational as this guy will be too difficult to stand on his own if it has too much articulation. It will be too heavy if this is diecast so, plastic is simply the ideal material and cut a few articulation is probably a good idea.

The packaging is a simple slip cover with a clear window box and finally, the figure is in a blister package.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Real American Hero - "Storm Shadow" ... ...

This is Sideshow's G.I Joe Storm Shadow based on the comic book series and not the big screen version. I do like the Hot Toys's movie version but the thought of it becoming yellow stopped me from buying. However, for this, everything about it made me purchase this.

"In his original A Real American Hero incarnation, Storm Shadow's real name is Thomas S. Arashikage (トーマス・嵐影) (Arashi meaning "Storm" and kage meaning "shadow" in Japanese), a Japanese American. Storm Shadow served in the U.S. Army special operations group along with Snake Eyes, and later invited him to train as a ninja with his family in Japan. The duo have been everything to one another from the bitterest of enemies, to the most loyal of friends, who would fight and die for one another.
Storm Shadow can trace his family history through thirty generations of assassins. He is an 8th degree black belt in several martial arts, and can endure unimaginable amounts of hardship and pain. Storm Shadow moves with blinding speed, can scale sheer walls with bare hands and feet, and is an expert with a long bow, katana, throwing stars and nunchaku sticks. He usually wears a white uniform and mask. When out of his uniform, he is shown to be Japanese, with black hair and dark eyes.
In 2007, the character's creator, Larry Hama, revealed an alternate name for the character, Tomisaburo Arashikage (嵐影富三郎), in the solo series Storm Shadow. His tattoo is a hexagram of the I Ching named 既濟 (jì jì), or "Already Fording".

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tiger & Bunny Double Chaser ... ...

One thing about being a toy collector who collects almost everything and anything is that I end up with either many things or nothing as certain things really do come in limited stock.

One such example are items from Tamashii and the item I'm referring to is the Double Chaser from Tiger and Bunny.

I had always knew that there is a model kit version of the Double Chaser but I really am not too keen on putting model kits up. But here we are, I built not just the Double Chaser but also Tiger and Bunny. The story goes like this ...