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Saturday, August 27, 2016

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask ... ...

The Dark Knight Rises Bane is one villain that caught my attention and Chris Nolan's version did it for me, however, the price tag offered by Hot Toys didn't.

What we have here is a custom-made version of Bane. Thanks to Alex of Toyhaven for pointing to the right direction to 'The Little Box' ( at International Plaza.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 6 (Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead Heat) ... ...

On National Day, 9 August 2016, I again dropped by Takashimaya to see what cheap bargain can I get on the last day of the Craziest Toy Sale. I must say it has been quite a harvest for me to pick up 4 toys and adding on, my son's 7 Gundam model kits.

On the last day of the sale, I was pleasantly surprised that they added Type Dead Heat of Kamen Rider Drive.

It happened to be in the same color scheme with our state flag and this being National Day, I'm employing Type Dead Heat to be the flag bearer for Singapore's 51st Birthday.

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 5 (Super Robot Chogokin Gunbuster) ... ...

This is a free item. It was a nice surprise at the cashier when I was given a $50 voucher for spending at least $200 at the sale which I did. However, it became a problem as I have no idea what to get with the $50 and it can only be redeemed at the toy sale.

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 4 (Masked Rider 2 with Cyclone-go Modified Version) ... ...

Following from the previous post, I also bought Masked Rider 2 with Cyclone and this indeed brings back memories as this is the first Masked Rider I watched as a kid.

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 3 (Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild) ... ...

As mentioned in the last post that I will drop by if I ever was at Takashimaya and Singapore being so small, I was there and this time with my son.

He was all crazy about Gundam kits after watching Iron Blooded Orphans and he picked up 4 kits. 1 1/100 kit at $50 and 4 HG which were only going for $10 per kit.

Anyway, this isn't about his Gundam kits. It's about my first Kamen Rider Drive figure by SHFiguarts; Type Wild.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 2 (Robot Spirits Geminass 01 with Assault Booster) ... ...

Continuing from earlier post, I bought my second Gundam at the sale. It is the Geminass 01 with Assault Boosters.

This cost $45 and so you see, it's not as crazily priced as Takashimaya would like us to believe.

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 1 (Robot Spirits GMSniperII) ... ...

I have long given up any hopes on getting good deals at Takashimaya's Craziest Toy Sale. I remember those days I actually took leave to be one of the earliest few when the barriers opened.

20 years into the event and I'm not that crazy about it anymore. Orchard Road is the usual weekend haunt and so, my wife and I were there after dinner when we walked into Ngee Ann City and she asked "Do you wana go take a look?"

I did more than a look.

I bought 2 Robot Spirits Side MS Gundams. So, here's the first one. GM Sniper II.