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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Happiest Moment.......

of a toy collector is when one can display one's purchases.

The much needed shelf space did just that for me. Call it therapeutic if you may, a sense of calmness close to zen-like feeling was all around from the buying of the shelf (Kilby) to fixing it, to finally occupying it with my wonderful collection.

New shelf on the right with LED lighting

Top - Kotobukiya Morpheus (Matrix) and the Skywalkers...and a goblin (can't remember name)

5th shelf - TFs and finally opened the Stealth VF-1J with strike pack (btw, the Wheeljack is a bootleg)

4th shelf - Gundams and Revoltechs (assortment) + SD Valks

3rd shelf - New Ferrari from Shell and some other assortment

2nd and 1st shelf - MISB stuff.....waiting for their chance to be displayed.

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