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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All of a sudden......

in the mood to take pictures and post the whole new Transformers the Animated Series.

Been a little busy and lazy these days to take pictures of my collection (I know I mentioned I will post pix of toys bought in Japan). However, I've come to this conclusion that I will not post items that are MISB or MOSC anymore. I will only post items that are 'free' from their packaging.

So here they are; the loose but complete items.

Favourite of all the Animated characters. Elite Guard Ultra Magnus!
All weapon system online and hot!
Alternate mode. Heavy artillery armour vehicle
The cocky Elite Guard Sentinel Prime (real pain the neck)
Dinobot Swoop (cool ninja style)
Elite Guard Jazz
Cybertron mode Optimus Prime
Me Grimlock! Me eyes glow.
The Elite Guards (check out the size of Ultra Magnus!)
Dinobots (missing Snarl; MOSC)
Autobots (Missing Bulkhead and Rachet; MISB and MOSC respectively) Everyone plus MP Prime, Cybertron Galvatron and Animated Soundwave)
Finally, another posting after some time. However, this is really time consuming.............yet FUN!! :)

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