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Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's a time to give in.......

when it comes to toys that are manufactured with the highest quality; Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III.

This 12" figure is sculpt under the license of Marvel in the likeness of Robert Downey Jr from the Movie "Iron Man". It comes with the head of Robert but I'm not too keen in fixing it on.
It is mainly made of plastic with very good metallic paint over them to give the 'iron' look. Some gimmicks included the flaps and LED lights in the eyes, chest and the palms.

I would have really enjoyed this piece if there were more articulation in the waist and hips areas. However, that is the characteristic for Hot Toys. Still, I'm satisfied with Hot Toys product and since this is my second Hot Toys purchase after "The Dark Knight".

The figure looks magnificent even with a simple pose like this. It has captured the spirit of Iron Man very nicely. To think that the team that came up with this is from Hong Kong. Hot Toys, by the way is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturing company. They are a formidable team as they have came up with many cool movie toys.

The poses possible are limited as there is limited or no articulation at the waist and hips areas. Articulation is limited to the arms and legs joints. It is a pity as a 6 inch action figure would have factor in those articulation. However, there are plus points with the additional toe, ankle and heel joints.
Repulsor Cannon - The LED lights sure breathe life into the figure. It really makes the toy worth its price with such addition. The only thing about batteries in toys is the maintenance part; taking them out when not in use that is. Batteries are included.
A stand is provided as in all Hot Toys figures. It is simple yet ingeniously designed. It is extendable; in this case, to allow for flight mode. It also serves a simple purpose of making sure the figure stays standing. You wouldn't want to see toys with price like this to fall.

The next piece is an Iron Man bust. Specifically, it's by Sideshow; Stealth Iron Man Legendary bust. This is my first bust of any kind and I must say that it is indeed very well made. Made of Polystone, this 1:2 scale is hand made and hand painted.

This comes as a unintended purchase and it was actually bought in Hong Kong's Toy Hunter which is the retail shop for Hot Toys. I was there looking for the 1:6 Batmobile but it was not due for release. Saw the packaging for this in a corner with a huge "SALE" tag on and asked for the price. The rest is history then since I have it in my possession.

This makes a great display piece especially with the lights on (I have a thing for things with lights) and now all I need is more shelf space. To Ikea!

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