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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Transformers fever......

is on when I saw the trailer for ROTF (Revenge of the Fallen) today.

So, I decided to take the two of the BIGGEST Transformers in TF history down from the display shelf for a photo shoot.

A little background on the 2. The Orange evil looking one is 'Unicron' who is a planet destroyer as it sucks out the energy of any planet that crosses it path to keep it alive.

The Blue dude is 'Primus', supposedly the creator of all transformers.

Not sure if their proportion is anime accurate. The fact is Primus never did appear in any TF series. It transforms to Cybertron; the planet that all transformers reside on.

Primus packs a heavy load of arsenal and is ready to battle anything that threatens the peace and harmony on Cybertron.......actually not much of peace since the Decepticons existed.

The articulation on both toys are fantastic! Even the fingers have individual articulation giving many hand signs possible. (The Unicron's OK sign was done by my little boy).

Unicron has a very powerful missile that shoots out from its chest. Below is a snapshot of it being launched.

Below is a series of photos of them fighting to their bitter end.

Primus turned out victorious holding the severed head of Unicron. The head was part of Primus's packaging.

The transformation into the planetary mode for both is rather simple but it takes some steady hands to get it done.

Cybertron's defense system on as Unicron approaches.

I actually had Primus for a couple of years already. Had 2 pieces in the beginning. Bought the 1st one at retail price which was 2x the sale price. The 2nd piece was bought at sale price and thus decided to let the 1st piece go.
Unicron was purchased not too long ago in Hong Kong and they were actually having a clearance for this piece at TRU over there. It had a sale tag which is half of what they are selling in Singapore now. If not for space constraint, I'd have lugged back a few pieces.

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