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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Times Create Inspiring Mind......

is something I believe in and I am that kind of person (not very humble about it). Well, I may just have the right to feel a little proud about myself after 1 hour of work on my latest purchase.

Actually, it's not exactly anything new. Found a good deal for a Yamato 1/48 Roy Focker VF-1S online and naturally, I bought it.

When I opened it up, it was as white as snow. Then, a thought struck me....."Let's do a weathered version!" The idea is not original though. The weathered version of the VF-1S is a limited edition collectible that was available only during an Annual Japan Toy Festival known as Wonderfest in 2008.

The price of the weathered version is anything above $400 and so I decided that I create my own weathered version.....nothing a pencil and finger can't achieve. So, after a few many it is. My very own WEATHERED Roy Focker VF-1S!

The real mccoy is the one in the background....

Top view. I think I have done a decent job in giving it a really weathered look.

So good, it deserves another shot

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