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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sting of the Bumblebee ... ...

has finally caught up with it going on sale at $13.90. Skipped previously because I have too many variants of this and the packaging made it look like a dwarf!

Now, this picture above justified the engineering that went into this toy.

I must say that this may be by far the best variant with flip down battle mask, hidden pulse cannon on his right arm and a spring release battle-axe on his left arm.

Articulation is decent to provide enough movement to achieve dynamic poses. 

Camaro mode is what we are very familiar with and as usual, detailing is not one of the priorities of Hasbro as the target audience is age 5+.

So, I did a little of pimp my Camaro to detail the door handles, the air vents, the Camaro wordings on the side of the car, the Chevy logo at the back, the license plate, the rear diffusor and tail pipes

Comparing with another variant under the Revenge of the Fallen (left).

Next up, Bumblebee from Dark of the Moon, I'm waiting...

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