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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gundam Age Normally One ... ...

Somethings really grows on you and I guess once a Gundam fan, there's very little Sunrise can do wrong.

Out shopping over the weekend and picked up some bargain and since it has been quite a hectic few months, I've decided to pamper myself.

Bought AGE-1 Normal and Spallow and AGE-2 Normal.

I've not catch up on this series but the synopsis to the story looks quite promising. Starting with AGE-1 Normal and I though I can fixed all 3 boxes in one sitting.

Took some time to get the chest unit together and I did spend a bit more time detailing everything from the start. However, I did not apply any extra paint coating unlike my previous few.

After nearly 5 hours of work, AGE-1 Normal is complete. Did a bit more detailing with the battle scar on the shield.

Flexibility and quality on HG has improved a lot and I'm happy with what I have in my hands. Will find time to fix up the rest. Watch out for this space.

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