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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hot Toys DX Batman and Bat Pod ... ...

Finally, in my possession this year, the Bat Pod and the new improved DX edition of The Dark Knight.

I was full of anticipation for the arrival of these 2 after watching The Dark Knight Rises. Especially anticipating the Bat Pod as I don't own version 1 and am glad that I didn't.

Let's start off with Bruce Wayne with the head sculpt of Chirstian Bale. The packaging marks the end of the Batman or rather as the tagline goes, Then Legend Ends

The packaging has been kept consistent with all the earlier release of the dark knight and is this my 3rd already?

I had earlier wanted this figure for it's EMP rifle but many improvements are noticeable in this figure.

Head sculpt is definitely one of them and those eyes are truly works of art. Up close and you can see the blood vessels.

Ok, this improvement, I don't like. The earlier version had a full boots on and the figure was wobbly with weak ankle joints. I think I can live with that but now this pair of Clarks, I don't like.

The head is a magnetic attachment and thus the PERS is hidden within the head and so no split lines here unlike Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman.

The Christian Head sculpt here sees a vast improvement to the uncanny likeness with every facial detail looked into; kudos to Hot Toys.

Check out the mole on the nose bridge near the eye... wow!

The utility belts sees improvement as well with more linkages.

The interchangeable mouth piece this time is non-magnetic but it works for me just the same.

From top, we have Pout Fiction Batman, Systema Batman and lastly Badmouth Batman.

This set included a newly improved sticky bomb gun with a designated utility belt for it. Glad Hot Toys does little refinements like this and give it back to its collectors.

Fully deployed sticky bomb gun. Impeccable details.

And yes, the EMP rifle which was featured in the latest movie.

I have a feeling I am going to expect another version of this as the LED lights feature is pathetic here.

The instructions on the rifle is inaccurate as well. Follow it and you'll be lost.

An attachment is provided to attach to the EMP rifle to the Bat Pod and this may be the only incentive a collector to get this release as well.

Since we are on the topic of the Bat Pod, let's move on next to it. Looking at the packaging, I like the box already.

Every thing's that in the packaging and yes, almost everything is bandaged in plastic sheets.

Just look at how beautiful this masterpiece is. Details and close up shots follow.

Batsy getting ready for a ride and here starts my nightmare.

A little plastic attachment provided to create the fluttering cape effect.

It doesn't look much with that attachment on. Then I realised it was not easy to place the figure on with the cape on...bummer!

The hardest part has to be fitting the hands onto the handle... I almost gave up.

One hour later and breaking the pod's handle bar and one of the canister on the utility belt, the hands are in!! Well, lucky thing is Selleys is always around to assist in situations like these.

I'm so happy, it has to go everywhere...

A little fun with the mouth piece holder that shapes like the head.

Forgotten the display base that's provided. Love that effect on the steps with the crushed insignia.

Christian 'Baling' farewell with his swan song... The Dark Knight Rest

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