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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reaching Climax ... ...

with Den-O Climax form and Urataros from SIC. Like I mentioned before, I'm not much of a Kamen Riders fan since Rider 1 when it aired on Channel 8 when I was in primary school.

The collection all started because of my son since he first watched Masked Rider Ryuki on Okto. Was at TFH and saw this lying around and decided to rescue it.

Den-O comes in many forms when it gets possessed by various Imagins. This version is the combination of all (the main ones) the Imagins forming the climax form.

 This version included Urataros, the water based Imagin; which is a sea turtle.

Urataros packed a load of accessories for you to pose it with and it's fun as the figure is very accommodative to what you want to do with it.

The main figure is Den-O climax form which has all the Imagins taking turns to deliver their killer move. Notice the various Imagins with Momotaros as the head,  Kintaros, the left shoulder, Urataros, the right shoulder and Ryutaros, the chest.

Accessories wise, there's the bare necessities to pose the various attacks.

Articulation is fantastic and really enjoy SICs for it's size, price and the whole fun factor.

The parts can be mixed and matched to create the various attack and I'm no expert so I'll as usual, let the pix do the talking.

To deliver the kick, there are extra parts that comes with slots in the thigh and shin.

The DenGasher can be put together to form both the Rod and Sword form. I've got it all wrong here assuming this is the sword form.

My Son walked in and told me Sword form should look like the one below. Those above are rod form. Oops.

Finally, Urataros and all his interesting accessories to add some character to him. I like SIC treatment to their figures with translucent plastics. Very nice touch.

Bit of a heterosexual, Urataros has a mirror and fan. Noticed his little pinky in the pix above.

Urataros comes with 2 fishing rods and his primary weapon; the Uratarod

See the turtle shell detail below.

The Uratarod can have one of the blades removed to attach the second fishing rod.

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