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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Absence doesn't mean......

being inactive. Although, the purchasing of toys have kept to a minimum. However, I've been actively collecting other 'toys' within these 3 months of blog break.

Here are the updates.

Let's stick to real toys first.

First up, Optimus Prime - Nightwatch colour scheme. Love this piece with its cool colour. A gift from my friends at work. They really know what I like. Thanks guys!

Next up are the 25th Anniversary VF-1S and YF-19. These two should conclude my Yamato Macross collection. However, nothing is final until it is final. So, hoping that Yamato will not make anymore tempting valks.

Finally cleared some of my Transformers Collection and made some shelf space for other toys.

Here's a little update of the current display (see previous entry for comparison).

Ok, so much for updates. Will update the other 'Toys' in the next entry.

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