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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Size does matter......

when it comes to toys. I couldn't resist the temptation of purchasing the latest "Batman - The Dark Knight Version" by Hot Toys. This is really indeed a very hot toy given its details and realism.

What's the difference and why is this toy so different from the rest of my collection?

1. It is 1:6 this makes it one of the largest action figures I own.
2. Its suit is tailored onto what is known as a 'True Type Male' body.
3. As it is wearing a suit, the joints are concealed making it look really real.
4. Its head is sculpted to the likeness of Christian Bale

The Dark Knight Version - "I need a new suit."

A comparison of size - 6" vs 12"
The Batarang

The Grappel Gun

Up up and away!

Fight like a man; Batman that is

Upcoming - Hot Toys Iron Man!!

I'm so gonna get the 1:6 scale Tumbler!!

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