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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Transformers Animated......

has ended its run for Season 1 today and I have been actively collecting some characters that interest me.

Here is one of them, Skywarp (Starscream was my first Decepticon Seeker but it's still in his packaging). This may just be my favourite TF Animated figure. Nice colour combination and great transformation sequences. It also looks fantastic in both Robot and Alternate mode.

Transformed and really to strike. the joints give this figure great 'poseabilities'
Fighter mode - The only issue I have is that the missiles are not on the wings
Cool stealth colour scheme
Landing gears gives it more realism
Gerwalk - As a Macross fan, I must transform it to this modeSide view
"Conquest is made of the ashes of my enemies"
Since we are on the topic of Seekers, I took a few shots of Masterpiece Starscream for comparison. I'm a little lazy to transform it and so used both the Takara version in Fighter mode and the Hasbro version in Robot mode.

Fighter Mode - F15 Eagle

Lift off!

Robot Mode - Articulation is fantastic and a lot of dynamic poses can be accomplished with the stand provide.

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