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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back Breaking Experience......

was the feeling after spending about 3 days assembling the Master Grade 1/100 scale Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka Titanium Finish. However, the completed product is pretty much worth the effort. I initially wanted to start this hobby when I retire but if this almost killed or blinded me at my age now; I probably end up dead if I am much older.

The most difficult part is the sticker applying as they are so small and it took a lot of skills, steady hands and really good eyesight to apply them properly. There were most probably 200 pieces of stickers. The most difficult ones to apply are the dry transfer type which I spent about 3 hours in applying all 30 of them.

The version I have is the Titanium finish one that gave the model a metallic look. It cost another $50 for this finish and I am rather disappointed with it as it leaves little stubs at the cutting point of each piece.

Stubs are visible at the face and the shoulder as seen here

Other issues I have with this model is the clear stickers which does not look as concealed as water slide or dry transfer ones and that the articulation is not that fantastic.

There are two modes and I have chosen to display it in the destroy mode. see here for the unicorn mode

Clear stickers are visible on the model

Classic RX model pose with a customised display base

Full Psycho Destroy mode

Overall, I am still happy with the model as it looks good but not up standards. Perhaps, I lack the skills to make it look really good. Anyway, I may just stop at this or maybe I should explore the Perfect Grade.......


Shaun said...

For all their titanium finish versions, Bandai should make raised sprue branches to remove the issue of the cut marks. If they are already charging so much for the finish, which is just a coat of paint, it is the least they can do. Applying 200 over stickers is madness, and congrats for pulling it off. :)

Jonloh said...

Yes they should. Still there is a way to sand away and apply paint over it to conceal the stubs right? Anyway, after this, I am really interested in Gunpla but really need time.