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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where have all the toys gone......

in the land of a thousand smiles? Actually, wasn't really expecting for any good buys in Thailand as toys there are like rare commodities and their pricing are riduculously higher. Maybe, I have not found the right place to buy them. Anyway, Thailand is not my primary toy hunting ground.

Managed to purchase some gasaphon 1/200 Macross Variable Figthers Collection from Isetan in World Central Plaza. The great thing I discovered in Thailand is that they actually let you know what is in the box by marking on the packaging. This only happens here when you are purchasing as a complete set.

So, this are what I have selected. Each costs 199 Baht (approximately $8), not exactly cheap but it will sure cost more in Singapore.

I have chosen only those that appealed to me
Hikaru's VF-1J in fighter modeGerwalk mode

In all gasphon toys, there will always be what is known as secret items that is limited. So, getting these secret items are purely based on luck. Well, in Thailand, these secret items are marked as well! So, I got both of them from this series.
Low Visibility gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

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