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Saturday, January 8, 2011

unMARKed IV Purchased ... ...

was the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV initially. I guess I reached a stage at the end of 2010 feeling worn out from toy collecting. "Growing older thus more mature?" "Not so childish anymore?" Come on! I'm way beyond that kind of answers. The reason is plain and simple. This guys are taking too much space at home and I have serious problem housing them.

Front box art
Anyway, lucky for me I managed to get this limited piece from the Iron Man 2 movie. Mark IV is somewhat similar to Mark III in design but of course they have their differences.

Rear box art
The packaging is the same as War Machine and that really is disappointing but it just make the decision to discard the packaging later easier.

Slide the box art cover out and you get the main box that houses 2 trays for Mark IV. The first tray has the figure, the extra hands, the flight flaps, Tony's head with shades and the donut with a box. The second tray has the forearm missiles and part of the display stand. While the bottom of the box is the standard HT display stand and the LED display stand.

The figure is what you would expect from HT and details are what they are good in. Like the War Machine, this is a good 'Museum' display piece and will look good in the toy display shelf.

The gimmicks are kept pretty much the same with all the LED lights and removing the batteries is a must if you want your Mark IV to be in good condition.

The Tony Stark head in the packaging along with the donut is for the scene where Tony was sitting in a huge Donut sign taking a break from saving the world.

Another gimmick here is the countermeasure flares discharge unit in the hips. Nice touch here and very intricately produced.

Next is the flight flaps and with the metal mesh, it gives it more details but do be gentle in handling them.

The forearm missiles is another nice touch here but putting them on and taking them off takes some patience.

Lastly, is the removable chest plate to reveal the internal mechanism of the arc reactor.

And of course, the LED display stand which is actually one of the main reasons why I want to get this. However, it did not live up to its expectation the moment I held it. It's just a display base and nothing more.

Anyway, great piece to own and if you are into Iron Man; Hot Toys never fail in this 12" category.

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