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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sound Decision ... ...

after some months of solitude from toy purchasing. However, old habits die hard and it the effects didn't last long when I bumped into this Cybertronian Soundwave under the TF Generations series from Hasbro. Had already been receiving pre-order emails of this under TakaraTomy release but gave it a miss.

The price tag of $16.90 was the draw then that enticed me to buy 'him' at TRU last Christmas.

Overall, the figure is very well designed and articulation is fantastic and very poseable. The only gripe I have is the colour but that's just Hasbro standards. Took out my trusty silver marker and painted the 'Teeth' on the chest of the figure to make it look less plastic.

Transformation is very simple and the alter mode is an armour truck. The chest can be opened up to store weapons; paying homage to the original Soundwave whose chest opens up for the 'cassettes'.

Great figure to own and display with. TakaraTomy version will come in a more realistic or better paint scheme and of course a more premium price-tag.

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