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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sir Rex ... ...

not quite....but Captain Rex (CC-7567) to be exact. Finally received this 1:6 scale from Sideshow and this is my first Sideshow product. Here's a review on this collectible.

Let's begin with the packaging.
Similar to Hot Toys; flip style with magnetic clipping flap. Nice box art featuring the actual figure in all four angle shots.

Flip open the flap to reveal the packaging of accessories and the figure. Head of Rex is provided and no the head does not fit into the helmet, unlike the 3.75" figures. The DC-17 pistols and a set of closed fist are packed with the figure.

While the rest of the hands, DC-15 Blaster Rifle and DC-15A Blaster, Jetpack and set of extra feet feet are packed separately.

The Figure
Disappointed was the initial feeling as the figure was very light without any heft. The inner black suit was fabric instead of perhaps rubber or wetsuit like material. CG of the figure is horrible and every shot was a nightmare as the figure may fall anytime.

Articulation wise seems better than Hot Toys but getting it into the right pose and maintaining it was really a torture.

The Rex head sculpt should be movie accurate but I'm not confirming that it is 100% accurate.

The various hands provided does add more possibilities to various poses.

The jetpack is magnetically fitted to the back of the figure. Nice touch.

I'm not impressed on the whole about this figure and am glad I did not give in to the 'dark side' to collect other Star Wars troopers under this line. However, I have Commander Cody on the waiting list. Well, I'm compelled to have them together.

My verdict on Sideshow figures - like the name, they are just sideshows.....

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