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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It All Ends with a Snipe ... ...

and it's indeed ironic as my first 1:6 scale is a sniper (PMC) as well. So, I shall end off with this sniper kit from Very Hot and indeed it's very well produced.

Packaging is simple as it's just the kit without any figure and everything is wrapped in individual plastic bags dumped in the box. Amazingly, everything is intact.

Choice of figure is the Hot Toys True Type Caucasian Male with narrow shoulders. (red underwear not included)

So, what's in the box?

Ghillie Suit Jacket 
Ghillie Suit Pants 
Ghillie Suit Boonie Hat 
M40 Sniper Rifle 
M4 Carbine 
Beretta Pistol with Serpa style drop down holster 
coyote brown Rifle Drag Bag 
FROG Chest Rig 
Tan cloth nomex gloves 
Lightsticks x3 
zipties x2 
Carabiners x2 
Oakley tan boots

Time to put everything together and yes, I spotted the gloves....strike 2! What a great way to end this.

It's definitely a great figure and too bad no spotter spotted for this. The M40 rifle needs another mention as the detailing is superb as seen in the close-up below.

All right......1:6 military men, thank you for the memories, the pain, the sleepless nights but most of all the joy of owning every piece. Until something really GREAT comes along. It's au voir for now.

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