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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot Cap ... ...

finally some free time to take Captain America out. Can't even recall when I had him stashed away in the cabinet. Anyway, here he is. Hot Toys MMS174, Captain America (Movie Version).

 I particularly like the design of the packaging with the shield as the box art; most iconic feature of Captain America.

Loads of effort when into the design and layout of the figure and accessories. One reason why Hot Toys is my favourite 1:6 toy company.

The figure is amazing! Simply a work of art in terms of the stitching of the costume to all the little details here and there with like metallic buckles and leather-like pouches. This makes this figure a worthwhile purchase.

The shield - Wowest of all. Metallic, probably non-metallic alloy with a lot of detailing. It's the highlight of the figure.

The downside of the figure are 1, the pistol holster is held together by a hole in the top flap to a tiny knob. Goodness! We have big fingers; learn from Sideshow, magnets please. 2. The straps are glued together!! Eventually, the slightest tension caused it to split.

Well, all is not lost with some glue and Captain is back to his ultimate glory.

The rifle is a nice addition to the figure but I chose to keep him original in terms of choice of weapons.

Poseability here is horrible due to the constraint of movement by the suit. The suit is really stiff (a lot of starch used) and there's a warning in the instructional manual that his arms are not to be raised beyond 95 degrees.

Hot Toys, give me the Avengers version soon!!

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