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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charming Figma ... ...

could well be one of those rare feminine figures in my collection. This is release under Max Factory and the anime about Drossel left me a little puzzled.

Main draw to purchase this is the fact that it has fantastic articulation and it's really kinda sexy.

 Packaging is rather standard from any Japanese toy company.

The figure out of the box has difficulty standing on her own due to the feet design. Actually, she hasn't got any.

However, the stand which is a standard issue for all figma figures does the job of giving her full support. This is the kind of thing that collectors enjoy and expect from a toy company; being thoughtful and not milking us to fork out extra moolas to get just a display stand.

Drossel Charming in her splendor and grace as all her articulation work perfectly. 

She has 3 head gears and this one is kinda of cute and she looks so sweet with those glasses on. Japanese ... ...

The last head gear seems like one of those warrior headdresses and she has a staff that probably does some damage.

The following last few pictures will feature the details this figure has and I love every bit of it.

Oh, one more little item here is Reginald... kinda like one of those irobot vacuum cleaners.

Well, looks like Figma has impressed me with this one here and I await my next female Figma figure.


B. Ng said...

Since I'm not allowed to say 'Jon Loh! I've read ur blog!', then I shall say 'Nice poses + good photography skills = interesting pictures that bring out the unique features of the toys!'

Jonloh said...

Thanks Brenda... Let you know when I have another girlie doll photo shoot.