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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Expendable Barney Ross ... ...

A character from the movie The Expendables 2, Barney Ross is more of the leader of a mercenary team known as "Expendables". The first movie was in 2010 and Hot Toys did a version of Barney Ross from that movie and it didn't appeal to me.

However, this one did

I have to admit that I didn't pre-order this and that the decision to buy this was because of You have been warned. Click on the link and you'll be poisoned.

It's poorly taken pictures or weak initial molds like the ones on the packaging and promotion pictures that deterred me from taking a second look at this.

I have to say that the packaging isn't really appeal especially to someone who has over a dozen over of Hot Toys products. The only thing that intrigued me was the back of the packaging with the toilet like icon.

Well, it's actually the packing indentation for the 2 sets of clothings. One that's tactical and one that's casual. Oh, I was quite surprise to learn that the berets are molded.

 Well, the appeal for this figure isn't Stallone but it's the tattoo and that it's a Hot Toys figure. Don't get it now and probably regret later or spend more money on it. Figure comes topless to show off the tattoos and 9 hands are provided for various functions.

Other than the elaborate tattoos that go round the upper torso, there is the detailing of something as small as a ring. Different hands accompanied the figure and some hands has the ring removed which is logical when you're kicking S.

Mine came with a little depression on the neck due to packaging which I can deal with. The pictures below pays tribute to Rambo with the arrow set that I have.

 Ok, time to a little Zen time before putting on the casual clothings.

Barney here can hit the bars for some drinks with his pals.

To meet with some mean actions, Barney can put on the custom made Expendables belt that holds 1 revolver and 2 pistols.

All right, fun's over and now it's military action time. Barney will put on his 3 piece tactical suit starting with a black t-shirt.

Complete the look with additional accessories included headset, watch, cigar, skull design bangle and com set. There're also a goggle and sunglasses which was in the main packaging.

One more piece before the tactical vest is a zip up quarter sleeve shirt which has been very well tailored.

More details can be found around the belt with the Expendables logo on the buckle and on the sides of the pistols too.

The complete Barney Ross from The Expendables 2.

Even the sunglasses is very well-made. They are probably multi-coated.

Hot Toys really distinct themselves from the rest of the 1/6 scale manufacturer with very high quality weapons with tiny details here.

The goggles came on in the earlier part of the movie and

This is one definitive Stallone figure anyone needs if you can afford only one. Trust me, this is my one and only Sly.


deSMOnd said...

I like everything on this figure except the head sculpt. Thats why I didnt get it :)

Jonloh said...

Des, I'm rather happy with the sculpt. I think this is really a great figure.