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Monday, October 21, 2013

Revotech Eva Type 08α ... ...

I wanted very much to stop buying Evangelion mechas but the sinister look on the 08α is simply irresitable.

Oh, and did I already mentioned that I dig sniper rifles?

Getting the item made me realised that it comes with a alternative gatling rifle arm for Unit 02. I thought I have a Unit 02 somewhere and decided to fit the arm on it first. To my surprised, I have 2 Unit 02 from the Evangelion 2.0 movie but I have not opened up the Revoltech version and did a review on the Robot Tamashii one instead.

Opening up the 02 and I saw this little free gift - Assemble Borg which is Revoltech's new line of characters optimizing on their own proprietary joints. However, this free gift came with 2 functional joints on the shoulders only and in my desperation to pose this properly I broke the hip joint. 

Anyway, that was that but I did apply glue on it to fix it. Ok, let's move on to the may deal here with the gatling rifle arm.

Let's have Unit 02 here to go berserk and yank its own arm out.

The articulation on the arm is superb and it just gave the figure a lot of character when posing with it. I have to clarify here that the arm is actually meant for Unit 02 from the 3.0 third installment of the Evangelion movie and I didn't buy that version of 02.

 Right, now the Type 08α and I have to apologize for some poorly taken shots here in this post.

A better shot of the head above and you can see its 8 green eyes.

The sniper rifle is modeled after Test Type 01's positron sniper rifle but this one can be held without any additional support.

This set also comes with the cocoon-like pair of ablative heat shields. In good tradition, it came broken.

The broken piece is a crucial piece as it is the connecting piece to hold the Eva against the shield. The only way to fix it - glue.

Well, after some time for the glue to cure and fuse the broken pieces together, 08α is ready for action!


I really enjoy the poseability of Revoltech figures but you do need the stand provided to get the exactly pose.

Let's not forget the Assemble Borg and yes, the glue held everything together again but posing it to stand upright is impossible and it came with 2 left fists! Dud! 

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