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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hot Hall of Armor Toys ... ...

What can I say about this? Well, I'm simply a victim of my own passion; toy collecting. Hot Toys saw through our weakness and came up with this Diorama series - Hall of Armor.
The Hall of Armor comes in a few configurations namely 1 piece, 4 pieces or 7 pieces. 7 being the first 7 armors in the Hall of Armors which was featured in the opening of Iron Man 3.

Hot Toys offer economy of scale to attract buyers with 1 piece priced at approximately $150 and set of 4 costs $580 and set of 7 costs $980. Well, I really have display space issues and thus, settled for the set of 4. This of course will make a perfect diorama set with Tony Stark Mark XLII Test Version

Regardless the number of set you purchase the Hall of Armor, it will come with a complete set of Hologram Stickers from Mark I to Mark VII. Scroll down to see how the stickers worked with the Hall of Armor.

Packaging is very simple.

The Hall of Armor comes assembled and you need to remove the side panels to insert 3 AA batteries on each panel. You will also need to insert 3 AAA batteries at the bottom for the rear and front LED lights to work.

All Hall of Armor comes with the connectors to link up with the rest of the Hall of Armor and I'm not sure if the set of 7 will come with flush ends for it's first and last chamber.

It also come with an alternative power source input. However, you need to get your own adapter.

This piece can only be marveled at when the  lights are on. Simply pretty.

I'm only doing this with Mark VII and here is the hologram sticker (like decals) applied on the front acrylic panel.

The bottom line about this is; if you're not that crazy, skip this product. However, if you're sucker for all things bright and pretty, this is definitely for you and me.