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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dam Toys! Glint Team Leader Ryder Watson ... ...

I pre-ordered this the moment it was available and had been anticipating its arrival. Dam Toys did not disappoint and this item is hot till it's already out of stock.

 Packaging isn't anything to brat of but there are some features like good graphics and sand blast treatment for the words and ghost icon.

The trays inside has all the parts ready to be aseembled and there isn't much information online to exactly where everything goes. Well, that's where it is fun right?

The head sculpt is an unknown character but nicely done.

Nice faux leather boots with lace. Molded gloves are heaven sent.

This is probably one of the reasons why I bought this and many have cited that this came out of Transformers 3.

The AR-15 comes with great details and even the scope has a reflective feature.

Below is the Glock 17 and combat knife.

The pictures that follows are a series of kitting process from bottoms up.

The helmet is modern looking and with the facial guard, this looks very good.

However, the radio looks dated.

After much considerations, I have decided to put on the hydration pack.

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