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Monday, February 3, 2014

TRU Ang Bao Sale Part I ... ...

It's been really a while since I managed to buy decently priced toys at a TRU sale or for the matter of fact; decent toys. Well, the Ang Bao (Chinese New Year) Sale has been rather prosperous.

Growing up, I didn't own a single G.I. Joe vehicle or a complete G.I. Joe figure. Today, I don't wana grow up...
Let's start with my first find and it happens to be Cobra Fangboat lying along somewhere amongst Barbie.

The price is simply irresistible and in the bag it went.

Surprised to see detailed labeling and I will be sticking them to add to the realism of the Fangboat.

The Fangboat and the Swamp Viper figure together. The action figure has limited action and it shall remain as the pilot of the boat.

Hasbro threw in a couple of details to the vehicle and I'm happy with what I see.

Below is the Fangboat with all the label slapped on. It looks really good.

All right, next we have the action figures and there are 3 on sale, Zartan, Duke and Roadblock. I shall leave the packaging and the pictures below do the talking.

Another attractive price point...

All right, I am all done with the action figure and they now belongs to my son who has been secretly playing with them when I was out of the house.

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