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Monday, November 24, 2014

Coo Bods ... ...

Got these 2 latest Coomodel bodies lately and here's a simple review on them.

Coo Model has 4 bodies release this time and I chose the normal height options rather than the tall ones. If you have noticed they are sitting on a Acid Rain toy, then you will have to read the next entry about it.

The body above is the standard body while the muscle body is the one below. I would rate the articulation as 4/5 and definitely perfect when it comes to joints.

Naturally, the standard body offers more articulation in the shoulder and elbow areas as compared to the muscle body.

Another point to note is the neck connectors which sometimes can be pain in the neck depending on the heads you intend to put on the body.

These are highly recommended to those who like to kitbash or body play your 1/6 figures as they really am more economical comparing to other brands.

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