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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Masterpiece Star Saber MP-24 ... ...

I once I said Rodimus Prime is the last Masterpiece I will ever get since Takara Tomy decided to produce this once pristine line with cheap ABS. However, taken the fact that I've been sold by the so many old school MPs that came along the way, I have to eat my words.

The fact is also that Rodimus could just be a one-off flop by Takara Tomy. However, Star Saber isn't all perfect too.
It took me some time looking at online pictures of Star Saber simply because I have no recollection of watching any cartoon about him. For those who are as clueless, read here.

There are entities to complete Star Saber and we start with the Brain. It's really a tiny robot.

That's how tiny. Brain has a ride, Saber which has the alterego mode of a fighter jet.

Saber comes complete with landing gears and cockpit for Brain to enter.

Saber in Robot mode is very old school and it has the universal protagonist colour scheme. There's a cool feature in Saber and that's when Brain gets fitted in, the closing of the hatch will send it upwards and activating the head of Saber!! Super Geek cool!

Articulation is decent enough.

Saber shares the same blade weapons as Star Saber. The larger Saber Blade and the smaller one.

To form Star Saber, V Star will have to come in. It's much like the trailer of Optimus Prime. It's battleship by itself and comes with landing gears and missile pods.

First, Saber and V Star will merge and fly in the sky a little before transformation.

The missile pod on the right of V Star.

Nice touch to include a stand which is the Shield of Star Saber.

Makes it a good display piece in this mode and it reminds of a Gundam ship, like the Whitebase.

Transform to become Star Saber and V Star will form the main body and limps.

Saber forms the chest and uses it's original head once in a while when negotiating with the enemies.

When talking doesn't work, the game face comes on.

Battle mode!

The blades has a nice compartment to stow them away when not in use.

This is huge and stands around 13'. Laser and shield really gives the feel of a Gundam.

Having so many weapons to carry and Takara Tomy only managed to figure out where to keep the Laser and blades. I have to figure out the rest.

My complaints will be the poor paint application on Saber (see below) and do they need to indicate R and L wing on the final product?


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