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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot Toys - Falcon from The Winter Soldier ... ...

Falcon, from the movie Captain America - The Winter Soldier wasn't my top choice of must get but I eventually did get it. This is indeed amazing!

I am really glad I got my hands on Sam Wilson as Falcon; Caps new side-kick.

Boxart is the similar Hot Toys styling but the cover picture Hot Toys used misled collectors to think the figure will come in a plain grey T.

The first thing that caught my eye is the display stand which has the SHIELD logo and the print of the runway on the helicarrier.

The main event will be Falcon and the sculpt of Anthony Mackie is what we would have expected of Hot Toys to achieve. And, it came complete with his aerial rig suit.

This version of Falcon features nice details and it really does pay certain homage to the original Falcon with very light touches of red at the back of the wings.

Sam explained in the movie that he is from the air force and on his shoulder is the emblem of the Air National Guard insignia.

The details on Falcon looks amazing from far... ...

However, on closer inspection, Hot Toys really know how to add humor into their products but I rather they not do that.

The back of the rig vest is screwed securely onto the back of the figure which is a good move.

I like the idea of the retractable with the quick draw effect.

Falcon all suit-up and ready for action.

The jetpack fits well on the rig vest.

Take flight and this figure is massive. Too bad the wings can't fold down fully. The good thing though is the light-up effect in the thrusters; something that I appreciate. Warning to those who still has your Falcon in MISB. The batteries are inserted, so you need to remove them.

Here's that small little detail paying homage to the red of Falcon's comic original suit.

I just noticed the earlier flight picture is missing his guns. Them back on.

The pose above is from the Winter Soldier scene where Falcon drops out of the helicarrier shooting.

The display stand is by King Arts and it will be reviewed next.


deSMOnd said...

I haven't even opened mine yet :)

Jonloh said...

at least take out the batt.