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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 2 (Robot Spirits Geminass 01 with Assault Booster) ... ...

Continuing from earlier post, I bought my second Gundam at the sale. It is the Geminass 01 with Assault Boosters.

This cost $45 and so you see, it's not as crazily priced as Takashimaya would like us to believe.
This mobile suit is from a manga side story of Gundam Wing: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-UNIT dates back to 1997.

Reason why I got it is for it's very articulated frame and the complete form with the boosters makes this a very nice collector's item.

I like gundam that allows for dynamic poses and this fits the bill.

Enters the Assault Boosters to make it more formidable. There are many movable parts on the booster set and it really makes this a very good deal.

The G-Unit shield stores the Accelerate Rifle. Yes, those are the names of the weapons. How creative.

I guess this is it and I will see what else they have to offer next week if I happened to walk past.

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