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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sen-Ti-Nel RE:EDIT Iron Spider Man ... ...

This is my second purchase from the Sen-Ti-Nel Re-Edit Line. The first purchase was the War Machine. This is my first ever purchase of a Spider Man figure as I am not quite a Spidy fan.

This is also the the first 1/6 scale figure by Sen-Ti-Nel and I was sold immediately I saw it on pre-order. The other main reason for getting it is I'm only interested in the Iron Spider version of the Spider Man. It's like a hybrid between Doctor Octavius and Spider Man.

The packaging is rather simplistic while some attention was put into the box art .

Figure out of the box feels very solid as it comprises of a number of diecast parts. CG of the figure is fantastic too to achieve many very dynamic poses.

The Iron Man color scheme of this figure makes this truly a comic book Iron Spider Man.

To show off how posable this is, the landing pose is the definitive benchmark.

A flexi-display stand is provided which Hot Toys has sort of set the standard for.

To install the waldoes or spider arms, the cover need to be removed.

The running pose is one of my favorite pose for this figure but to maintain the pose, a little help is needed to keep the figure in 'motion'.

The squat pose is also a very nice one and it took me several minutes to get the knees off the stand.

I truly enjoyed this figure but it is time to bring in the main event for this shoot. The next photo will give an obvious hint to what is the next post.


deSMOnd said...

The articulation is very good and the robotic arms are very proportion to the body. This should be the comic version iron spider. Sentinel figures are expensive but worth its quality.

Jonloh said...

I hope they stop making more to tempt me.