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Thursday, September 10, 2009

VT-1 Super Ostrich......

is an unarmed training variable fighter. It is UN Spacy's first dedicated training Valkyrie. The Ostrich is a two-seater variant of the standard VF-1 variable fighter with a smaller, simplified head unit and the capability to mount a customized Fast Pack system for use in space. The Shinnakasu Heavy Industry NP-BP-T1 FAST Pack space booster system offers the VT-1 the increased range and improved thrust typical of the unit. The Ostrich Fast Packs include oversized dorsal propellant tanks, an additional antenna on the starboard booster pod, a wide-nozzle booster mounted on the tail section and swaps two low-thrust verniers for two additional high-maneuverability vernier thrusters.

This is my first 1/60 scale for the VF series valks. The rest of my collection is in the 1/48 scale. Yamato has made some improvements which is quite visible on this piece. There are more catch that allows easier snap-on of the parts. I like the coating on the cockpit that gives it a multi-coloured kind of finish.

The most preferred mode in my opinion would be the figher mode. The colour scheme of orange and beige worked pretty well and the combination of the Fast Packs makes it looks really good.
Another improvement is the number of pre painted markings has increased on this compared to the 1/48 or even the 1/60 Macross Zero valks.

Gerwalk or Guardian mode; another mode of the Ostrich that I like, the additional hands give it more realism and it comes in handy to achieve certain poses.

Gerwalk with open hand

The mode that I do not prefer to display this piece in is the Batteroid mode. Firstly, it's the ugly head unit and secondly it does not come with any firearm.
1 GU-11 55mm Gatling Gun Pod to go please.

Close up of Hikaru and Minmay

A couple of shots in the fighter mode

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