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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cause and Effect ... ...

is a concept best applied to the purchase of the 1/60 Super and Strike Parts for VF-1s.

It all started with this inconspicuous white box below. It is also due to that fact that I failed to do my homework before a purchase.

It was couple of months ago when I heard news of clear 1/60 super pack retailing at $40. I placed an order for it without hesitation.

I was in shocked the moment I opened it up. It wasn't the complete super parts but the covers to the boosters, engines and missiles pods. I was in a state of dismay as I did not purchase the earlier release of VF-1 with super parts.

However, lady luck was on my side when I checked with TFH and they have stocks of Super and Strike Parts arriving.

The box art on this is as regular as all other Macross stuff from Yamato.

The flap is something that I really like on a toy and I'm not too sure why Yamato did not make this a standard. This item is more of an accessories to a VF-1 and this cost $60 which is cheaper than the 1/48 scale released years ago.

Finally, VF-1S fitted with Strike Parts.

The colour scheme somehow does go quite well

Now, the main focus of this post is the clear parts which in my opinion makes the fighter mode look fantastic.

This will be how it will be displayed to justify the time and effort it took to get this to look right.

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