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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revolutionary Changes ... ...

made when Kaiyodo's Revoltech changed this line with a new name - Revoltech Yamaguchi? Well, I don't quite see any significant change except that I need to pay more for a larger box and stuff that is useless to me.

The packaging now is larger and included in each figure comes with a revoltech coin with a value of 10. Collect enough and you can exchange for special items! That is good news for people like me who collects revoltech Yamguchi figures, right? Wrong!! As this is applicable only in the land of the rising sun. 5 stars arising does not apply.

The back of the packaging details the product and entice collectors with the special items to exchange with the revoltech coins as well as the next release.

You either love or hate the revoltech joints. They can be really good when it comes to articulation but they are also a pain (and I mean literally) to get the right pose you want.

The joints are tight initially but may be loosen over time. The slots to fit the pegs into are smaller and so, some brute force is required and tolerance of pain as well when holding on with your index finger and thumb.

If you managed all that, you get a nicely posed figure and a display stand is a standard item for all Revoltech figure. This is really thoughtful of Kaiyodo as a stand makes the figure stands out (no pun intended).

Now, this figure is about 10 cm tall but the molding is perfect. Every detail is there and the paint job is superb!

Kaiyodo provides a lot of hands for various poses and it is a good buy for collectors who are into Japanese anime robots. They have a line for anime human characters as well but I'm not into humans.

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