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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm not a hero, I am what Gotham needs me to be ... ...

said the Dark Knight in the latest Batman movie. This is the same tagline that is used on Hot Toys MMS DX02, The Dark Knight.

It was a layer of surprise after another for me as I opened up the packaging of this wonderfully packaged toy. However, I don't feel comfortable with the foam used in the packaging as similar foams has given me some problem before. Hopefully, this is not going to be the case. Only time will tell.

The cover box art is simple with the bat logo and a backdrop of Gotham City.

The interior holds the first surprise with 3 batarangs (1:1 scale) nicely displayed with the phrase for my opening after the last batarang.

Remove the top tray and the main tray holds the bulk of the toy with the main figure, 2 extra heads with Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), extra neck (magnetic) for the 2 additional heads, backpack and sticky bomb gun.

The last tray holds the cape, utility bell, smart bomb, batarangs, grapple gun and holster, different hands and a very nicely detailed display base.

The figure has some improvement work done to it compared to the first version. It is a little less fat on the waist. The overall feel is generally the same. The display base come with LED lights to create this spot light effect; a nice touch from Hot Toys.

The first head comes with the Sonar Vision Device and the neck with the LED light pulls the gimmick off nicely. Thus, another neck is needed for the other 2 heads without this feature.

I personally will display this with the backpack instead of the cape to give it a more SWAT kinda feel.
There are many fragile parts on this and it is something I don't really appreciate especially when strength is sometimes required like fitting the hands. I broke one of the blades on the right gauntlet on the forearm within minutes of handling it. The sticky bomb gun is very flimsy and getting it in the right position is a headache.

I was really putting this thing to the test by accomplishing this pose almost forgetting this is a $200+ toy.

I really appreciate the kind of details put into this figure and this is definitely not a toy.

The LED lights presents the figure in another dimension and it is becoming a Hot Toy standard.

Overall comment on the toy. It is indeed a HOT toy and a must get for Batman fans. There are a few problems such as fragile parts and accessories but if you take good care and be gentle, it should be all right.

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Jonloh said...

I'm facing an issue with the oil leak in the abdomen area like many others. Has contact Hot Toys and will be awaiting for their reply. In the meantime, Batsy is going for cleaning everyday