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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marking the End ... ...

of the month with a brief look at Hot Toy's Iron Man Mark II. Bought this in 2009 but somehow did not open it as I figured it is similar to Mark III except for the color.

However, I'm glad I decided to open it up today as I discovered something that could give me a heart attack if I open this much later. The packaging is what you expect of Hot Toys; Fantastic!. Hot Toys puts in a lot of effort in making their toys. Even the packaging gets the same attention with great box art. It opens up with 3 panels each splashed with great graphics.

The interior is a plastic tray (which I prefer) housing everything Iron Man needs in place. Every thing that would probably be scratched is wrapped individually in plastics. Nice touch but some parts are still scratched.....

The figure is your standard 12 inch figure with good articulation; it will be great if it's able to do a sit and reach. The paint job is superb as this figure looks metallic but it's 100% plastic. If only the manufacturer is Apple.

It comes with two heads; one is the standard one in the picture above where the eyes will light up. The other is with the gimmick of opening up to expose Tony Stark's face. Hot Toys uses magnetic concept to hold the mask in place; very clever indeed.

The back of the figure has all the fully functional flaps for flight and the details of the pneumatics in the legs shows how Hot Toys goes great length to make this as realistic as possible.

The picture above is a close up look into the legs and you can see the details if you click on the picture. You can even see the different colored wires inside.

Here is the mask which is again fantastically produced. It has all the details; clear plastic for the eyes, microphone for the mouth. The top of the mask are 2 metal plates that will be attracted to the magnet that is inside Tony's head behind.

The mask fits perfectly and the only thing that it doesn't do is the lighting up of the eyes.

The next great accessory is this arc reactor which actually lights up.

With all the 3 switches on, you get a great table lamp! Well, those LED lights are really bright especially in dark places.

A close up of the arc reactor

Decided to take some outdoor shots of Iron Man in a HDB estate

Standing tall

I mentioned earlier that I'll get a heart attack if I open this toy at a later date. In fact, I felt my heart skipped a beat when I opened up the battery compartment. For those who thinks that button cells are perfectly safe to be left alone. Think again.

No wonder the eyes were not as bright as it should be like Mark III.


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