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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GREAT expectation for MAZINGER ... ...

which arrived in the month of August to much great delight.

Packing is the same as Mazinger Z from the earlier release except for the golden hue.

Contents are as seen above and it is indeed adequate for great playability and poseability.

Out of the packaging, you have the Great Mazinger without the Brain Condor which is really tiny as seen in the pix above. The film container there gives a relativity reference of size.

One noticeable improvement is the fitting of the Brain Condor onto Great Mazinger as Bandai did it right this time with a perfect fit.

Articulation is as superb as the previous release and it's again up to your imagination to make the best out the figure.

The Thunder Blade (pix above) in action after Great Mazinger channeled the energy from the atmosphere (pix below) to create the natural lightning. Cool accessories in my opinion and great for display.

The drill blades emerged from the forearms getting ready to perform the Drill Pressure Punch.

Fire away just like Mazinger Z and the blast off accessories is from the Mazinger Z Weapon Set. There are 4 in total so no need to fight over them.

In a nutshell, this figure is a must get for collectors who do not have any SOC version before. Again, like the Mazinger Z earlier, it is still worth the purchase with all the gimmick accessories provided. The small size makes it a display piece that does not take up too much space as well, so do consider this item when you next visit your favourite toy shop.

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