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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gundam has landed ... ...

The Gundam Fiesta 2010 is being held at Compass Point Mall from now till 13 September. This is the second year running and the event is to me very lukewarm. I mean, prices aren't that fantastic if you know where to get your stuff.

This scene above is at 11am which only invited guests are allowed inside. So, have to roam around Compass Point which is quite pointless. The event opened to public from 12pm onwards and from tomorrow onwards, it will start from 11am.

Basically, it has the regular display of completed model kit (well made of course) and then a pawn shop liked point of sale area. Here we have RX-78 without his shield (see left arm).

So, is it really that pointless to be there. It all depends, once you are there, guess you will be compelled to spend a little. At least for me. I bought
1. Robot Spirit Cherudim - for my son (Robot Spirit items pricing are attractive)
2. MSIA: Custom Wing Zero (regret!!!)
3. RG 1/144 RX-78-2 (impulsive buy because it actually did cost more than what I was offered before)

However, there are hordes of buyers queueing up waiting for their turn to make payment. Perhaps there is a draw which I am not so certain what that might be.


rasyid said...

did you buy anything from the movie? you said you like exia 7 sword but qan [t] gundam's buster sword is much nicer.

Jonloh said...

Hi Rasyid
I didn't as I prefer MG and not HG, 144 scale is too small. Buying the RG was out of novelty.