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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Batman Returns, 1989 ... ...

not quite but this costume dates back almost 2 decades when I was in secondary school. This of course became a must buy for me bringing back memories of anticipating Tim Burton's Batman on the big screen.

Each Hot Toys figure comes light protected in a carton box and Hot Toys really do put in details and they know what collectors look out for. 

One instance is the allowance (see pix above) between the box and the actual packaging. This is to prevent overly excited collectors who can't wait to open up the toy and extended the penknife too deep into the carton box.

The packaging is somewhat similar to the The Dark Knight DX version and now Hot Toys added advertising notice (for the Batmobile) on the side of the packaging.

Another detail here is the color scheme. The yellow is based on the badge of batman; the insignia on yellow background.

Everything comes nicely packed and a warning notice right in the middle just before you yank Batman out and break something. Well, having broken the gauntlet blades of Christian Bale's Dark Knight; I'm more cautious this time round.

The figure comes without the cape attached and the suit is fantastic. Very authentic in terms of sculpting to texture giving this dated feel. Michael Keaton's facial expression and essence of his glare is nicely captured as well.

The deluxe (DX) version means it comes with the proprietary Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) which allows the character to look at any direction with an easy control at the back of the head. 

Accessories wise is more than what Batman needs here and the Batmobile voice control remote will come in handy when posing with the Batmobile when it arrives next year.

- 1 set of grapple gun
- 1 gauntlet
- 3 smoke capsules
- 1 timer bomb
- 2 Ninja wheels

- 1 extendable gauntlet
- 1 batarang
- 1 remote
- Light-up figure stand with Batman nameplate, the movie logo and the DX series title

The utility belt fits only the grapple gun and part of it is held with a detachable holder while the other part via a magnet.

Hot Toys usual face off gimmick is a set of interchangeable facial expression pieces attached via magnets.

The suited up batman complete with the cape and this cape has two layers (inner fabric texture and the external leather liked texture) neatly sewed together.

Poseability versus details is a concern when it comes to figures this size. The extension of the arms is restricted by the suit and thus batman here can't relive the grand entrance with the cape held high up as he crashed Joker's party to rescue Vicki Vale.

However, many scenes can be reenacted with the accessories provided like the grapple gun.

The extended gauntlet; he's simply human but with a bit of tech, there's super strength. "Talk to the hand!"

This bloodied face piece makes a fist pose more lifelike and to reiterate; it's the mouth of Michael Keaton all right.

Details for the accessories such as this in the picture above is impeccable!

The DX figure stand with the LED function raise the value of the figure when displayed.

Well, this is really a dream came true as my first Michael Keaton 3.75" figure is a far cry from the one from Hot Toys. So is the price, $8.90 v.s $260.

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