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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prime time ... ...

with Kaiyodo's Revoltech SFX Jet Wing Optimus Prime and boy am I impressed!

This is a licensed product from Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon from 2011.

Packaging is as all SFX series; flap type with window and a synopsis of the character in the movie and you need to know Japanese.  It's 理解していない for me.

I like that little logo there at the lower right corner of the window that says "Sci-Fi Revoltech.

Inside the packaging, you get 2 trays of goodies; Prime and his Jet Wing.

The Japanese takes so much pride in their product that they actually have the Chinese to slot in plastic sheets in between the joints for protection; from what I'm uncertain.

Dismembered Prime so that all the plastic sheets can be removed.

I fee that the figure is rather movie accurate and its inability to transform doesn't bother me at all because I want him in robot mode.

An addition head with the mouth exposed is provided and that's what I mean by Movie Accurate.

The weapons of choice will be the saber and a energon axe.

The main event is of course the jet wing pack. It comes in multiple pieces which is held together via the revoltech joints and the details put in is amazing.

Even the control of the wings via the arm is not missed out in the design....kudos to Kaiyodo.

The stand provided allows for more poses to be achieved.

This is indeed a fantastic buy and TF fans; get yours before Prime is out.

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