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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bots of New Era ... ...

These are just too cute to resist... Even when I'm so caught up with work, I've taken time out to pick them up, shoot and share them with you.

This purchase came absolutely unexpectedly as there were no pre-order at all. TFH themselves were not certain that these generated as much interest from collectors.

This is Takaratomy's collaboration with a Japanese cap company, New Era, yes they make caps. See here

I like the reusable packaging and the toy is taken out easily. This is probably the size of a SD Gundam, similar size to a Hasbro Scout Class.

It come as a replica of how most New Era caps look like and it can pass off as the real deal from a distance and by just looking at the back.

Appreciate the thoughts put in to add little tempo prints around the toy, especially for something so petite.

Transformation is a breeze with a touch of a button on the top of the cap and see it transform right before your eyes.

Capbots in disguise

These should be bought as a pair and I'll probably stop at these 2 even if they decided to make more later.

Articulation is very decent here with lots of points of articulation.

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