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Monday, December 3, 2012

Robot Spirit AGE ... ...

A great find while shopping around town when I stumbled upon these at $25 each!!

 Except for the last item, Geara Zulu which will be in the next post.

Ok, Gundam AGE which should be th latest Gundam series and I'm not quite sold to this series. So, I did not pre-order any AGE figure from Robot Spirit because they don't come cheap.

The normal version which is Gen 1 of the AGE series is a solid figure which pays homage to RX-78 like all Gundams after.

The Spallow is the speed version of AGE-1 which allows for agility and speed with different set of limbs.

Titus is AGE-1 in Hercules mode destroying anything that obstructs the way. Titus, SMASH!!

Below is the comparison between Robot Spirit figure and HG 1/144 scale model kit.

A little demo on how the limbs can mix and match. The main body frame is the same for all three AGE-1s.

Mix and match for different situation and circumstances.

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