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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Foxy Commander ... ...

I've hesitated on getting Commander Fox by Sideshow for the fact that
1. It doesn't come with a phase II helmet
2. No clone head sculpt although his face was never revealed

So why did I get him? Well, it's a Fox!

Packaging comes in standard Sideshow style with nothing to brag about.

Fox comes with standard issues, the standard sidearms, rifle blaster and blaster with whole load of hands and a set of squatting purpose feet.

Fox stands out amongst the others for it's Coruscant colors and markings. A nice weathering effect as all Sideshow figures has been applied.

This is also one of those rare ones that comes with a customised base.

I don't remember Rex having this problem of not being able to reach his sidearm. I can almost hear Fox says "Oppa Foxy Style!"

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