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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fewture and beyond ... ...

and indeed it was beyond me at first when I learned of Fewture EX Gokin. Anyway, robots from the past are not exactly my main interest. However, I don't know what got over me to purchase the Black Getter Ryoma version Changing Set.

Must be the color; that's my only answer for now. However, it's really a very good piece of collectible to own.

Now, there's Bandai's S.O.C which in recent years dropped the amount of diecast in their recent offerings and there is EX Gokin which has most of his parts in solid diecast and this figure really has some heft to it.

Staring with the carton box and I was expecting nothing of the ordinary inside. However, I was wrong as I see the box being cushioned by 8 Styrofoam blocks.

Taking out the box and the feel of the box is different, it's made of very sturdy cardboard and the box art is tastefully done. This box, I'm keeping together with the carton box too.

Opened the flap and everything is wrapped in plastic and sit snuggly in Styrofoam moldings.

Notice this is a changing set meaning I get 2 toys for the price of 1. First, let's get Ryoma version done.

Here are the pieces needed for the Ryoma Version which is completed below.

I forgot the show the insertion of the boost cylinder which comes in 2 form, the long one to illustrate the insertion and the shorter one to illustrate activation mode (shown in Getter 1 below)

The medallions on the back of the figure is something I don't have an explanation for. However, they do make the figure look really cool.

Ok, time to change it to Getter 1, Black version. I'll start with the Getmachine Eagle. Mostly diecast too and has some articulation to the booster which becomes the arm of Getter 1.

It has its own medallion too

Parts needed to form Getter 1 and I'm not sure why are there 2 chest plates.

Getter 1 has the Getter Tomahawks and it looks very menacing with these in his hands.

 The articulation is much better than I expected and the click joints were very sturdy and tight.

The figure comes with a display stand which is to give it a more presentable look as the figure stands fine on its own.

 It comes with a rear secure lock to ensure the figure stays put.

Couple the display with the Getmachine Eagle and this complete the look but wait, how could they both co-exist at the same time?

The booster cylinder in inserted mode above.

This figure really got me and probably will be my one and only. I don't have so many $500 to spend on figures like this...

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