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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mazinkaiser ... ...

from Max Factory which again was a years ago purchase which I was kind of crazy looking for it back then.

It was the days of die die must get something die cast and Max Factory was one of those companies that hardly does rerun on their production of toys and this became a commodity.

Noticed the price tag in Yen that's clearly stated on the box; not very conventional of toy company to do that. Looks like Max Factory really control their retail price.

Then noticed the price tag that's labeled in Sin dollars? Well, I almost paid through my nose if not for the dent on the box when it reads "Made in China". Bargained a little and waited for another week before picking it up for $60 lesser but throat been sliced and diced.

Max Factory comes across as a company that really looks into the collectors' interest; see the gloves provided. I put them on for fun but didn't use it I need to FEEL the toy; you know what I mean?

Two layers of Styrofoams that housed everything and in Japanese tradition; every thing's in plastic bags

The figure stands at around 9" tall and I was deeply disappointed when I see couple of scratches on the left thigh and right shin. I have a feeling I'm holding a second hand set but it's really too late to do much. Let this be a lesson to all; OPEN YOUR TOYS!! Forget about MIB; Mint in Box. Don't buy if you don't intend to open or be prepared to be surprised.

Anyway, back to the toy, I'm still happy to own it as this is really not possible to find anyway anymore; not even with that price tag 

Articulation isn't fantastic like all chogokin (die cast) products and comes with lots of limitations.

The usual display stand is provided like most chogokin products like Bandai's SOCs. I think this is the best way to display it in all its splendor. 

Ok, I'm not too familiar with the weapon system or storyline but I do know that the pilot sits on this plane known as the Kaiser Pileder that fused with the head unit to power it up.

Once powered up, it has a series of weapons like lasers, boomerangs and what not. I'm more interested in the swords it has and they are nicely stowed in the shoulders.

The primary swords; known as shoulder slicers can evolved to bigger ones and then eventually, one huge one that comes out from the chest.

Here's the largest of the swords and this only comes in one piece; known as Final Kaiser Blade.

Another problem with toys kept in storage for too long has 2 effects
1. Deteriorating plastic due to our humid climate as seen in the palms after inserting and removing the swords
2. loose joints as in the picture below; Mazinkaiser here can't even lift its final attach sword up due to fatigue 

Lastly, is the Kaiser Scrander; essentially the huge wings that takes him flying and the missile in his hands should have been shot out from the torso; known as the Giganto Missile.

This ain't a cartoon and no missile gonna come out from my stomach. So, I'm just gonna throw it!

The most classic attacks of all robots in the 80s has to be the flying punch and this set comes with an additional arms that allows the forearms to be shot out but of course it doesn't work.

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desmond said...

The figure looks awesome with the wings and very poseable indeed.