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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Muv-Luv Alternative ... ...

The Type-94 Shiranui (Japanese name: 94式 不知火) is a Tactical Surface Fighter in use by the Imperial Army/Mainland Defence Force of Japan as their premiere unit. The first domestic-production TSF of the Empire, the Type-94 is a high-performance unit that can fill a wide variety of combat roles.

produced under the Revoltech's license is from the Muv-Luv anime which is another one of those that I did I not watch. To me this is a Evangelion meets Gundam kinda of anime and hey, after watching a couple of animes, the plot is quite predictable.

Bought this at the TFH sale again and I must say I really like this.

This mech is not a main protagonist but rather a UN used type so this makes it a soldier that probably get slew the moment the camera pans to it. I've watched some parts of this anime to understand this figure a little and those beta types aliens can be really sadists and they are much stronger in both strength and number.

back of the figure before installing the thruster fins and weapon holsters.

Fully equipped and ready to die; I mean rock and roll!

Revoltech never fails to delight from my very first Eva figure to what I have to date. The joints are fantastic in terms of articulation.

Oops, it says 'Not for Sale'  here...not quite sure what this meant.

First up, draw primary ballistic weapon - Assault Cannon

Out of rounds, draw PB blade

Need more support? Draw PB knife stow in both forearms. 

"Go ahead, make my day, Punk!"

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