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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Avengers - Iron Man Mark VII ... ...

Hot Toys just kept the suits coming and I'm already at the point of no return with my Iron Man collection. This is Mark VII from the movie - The Avengers.

Hot Toys has yet again made a remarkable version of the Iron Man suit but there's a couple of flaws in mine but I'm easily pleased.

Unboxing can be boring as Hot Toys are not willing to excite collectors anymore with fanciful packaging.

The Mark VII comes with the shoulder missile pods attached and the difference between this and the Mark VI is the arc reactor which is circular as opposed to the triangular one.

The figure comes with some wear and tear paint job which I prefer rather than the showroom shine version.

The switch for the head this time is found on the face instead of the neck area. Remove the faceplate and this guy looks like something out of Pacific Rim.

Hot Toys included an angled wrist armor which allows for a better pose of the palm repulsor blast.

There are 2 things I don't quite appreciate here is 1, a loose right thumb due to bad assembly which I rectified with glue. 2, is the Tony's little head which looks a tad too small for the body.

 Anyway, I am still a fan of Hot Toys Iron Man for the fact that it looks authentic.

Mix and match the parts and this piece is indeed a showcase piece. 


deSMOnd said...

Jon..i think ht did the size of tony head correctly as in reality..he wears a suit and his head should be a bit small. if u put his head onto a true type.his head is proportional to the all previous release is not accurate..

Jonloh said...

Hi Des. Agree with you. That's conditioning effect for you.