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Monday, January 13, 2014

Virtually Punisher ... ...

Punisher isn't my favorite and it's not even in my list of "Action Heroes I collect" So, why did I buy this? Well, simple; it's a great posing piece!

This is based on the 2008 Punisher movie "Punisher: War Zone" starring Ray Stevenson. However, this isn't a license product and it's dubbed "The Revenger" by Virtual Toys (VTS). Art Figures offered it once known as 'Saves' and I missed that as I just started with 1/6 scale. However, I'm glad I missed it for obvious reasons which you can scroll down to see.

I mentioned the last time that VTS is a Chinese based company and thus, please forgive their English "If you guilty, you're dead"

Introducing Frank Castle, AKA, The Punisher

Very good head sculpt of Ray here. Much better than Art Figure's rendition.

Gloves!! I hate these but somehow, I had no issue putting them on and these flexi-fingers have to be one of the best I've ever encountered.

Parts and accessories to put together and that's the fun part right?

I've used a weapon rack from Easy and Simple's Frostbite. See the last picture of this entry. Coincidentally, it's actually the same AR15 except for the grenade launcher. The Punisher is equipped with
- AR-15 with grenade launcher
- 92 pistol x2
- Tactical mod revolver with micro red dot scope and weapon light with laser
- Combat knife

Kitting didn't take too long and I must say, this guy is bad 'S' cool!!

That's it and I believe this product is already out of stock and too bad if you don't have it.

Below is the Frostbite from Easy and Simple with it's modular weapon rack.

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