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Sunday, January 26, 2014

En Blok Iron Man... ...

Well, these are China made bootleg version of Iron Man suits. Seriously I don't even know if they contain excessive Melamine... ...


I chanced upon them in some provision shops. One of the brands is Super Heroes and the other is I.Q.

First we have Mark VI from Super Heroes and I think this brand produces better quality and accuracy. However, the box that contained this indicated Mark VII.

Next is War Machine Mark II and you will realise the color is way off. It should be gun metal black and this color scheme was Mark I. Furthermore, there is no shoulder canon and so what you see here is a very rushed modification made with whatever parts they provided. I have to recolor the additional parts as they came in gold. The face plate provided was gold too but I was lucky that the face plate of Midas (below) came in silver and so, a quick switch does the job.

Midas, and other than the face plate issue, the suit is actually War Machine Mark II in gold. So, I used this shoulder piece provided to do a bit of modification. A bit of snipping and a bit of painting is required to achieve this version.

Finally, Bones here is almost correct except the hands came in flesh color and so black markers will come in handy.

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